Activity 4

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One day there were 3 friends hiking to find a secret message. As they were hiking they found some clues of where the secret message was. One clue was its behind something big and blue. Another clue was its dark and damp back there. The last clue was written in a tree it said, ” There is only one way out.” This last clue really worried the hikers they wondered if they should just turn around. Two of them got in a big argument and got in a bloody fistfight. It didn’t go well for one of the hikers he got knocked out unconscious. His so called “friend” picked him up and put him under some rocks…


Activity 2

What was interesting about the video was how they used the different movies to form sentences. However, this also made the video choppy and hard to understand. Yes I think my friends and I could make a 20 second video remix of fair use.

Activity 1

What I have learned from the video is if you want to post your artwork online you can put on it if you want it to be sold by others or if you do not or if you want others to have and give your work away (like CC.) If you want to use someone else’s image you have to show attribution to the owner of that image. In the US it is called fair use when you post your work and someone borrows it with permission. Also if you want to borrow work or sell work from someone you have to ask for permission.

Bio Poem


humorous, outgoing, helpful, and happy

Sibling of Peyton, Allison, and Taylor

Lover of football, pasta, rootbeer, and Bella my dog

Who feels happy when I’m around my family and when I listen to music

Who needs to have some quiet time and alone time

Who fears loneliness, parents getting divorced, and fears death

Who would like to see the Eiffel Tower in France, Mayan Ruins in Mexico, and see the NFL Hall of Fame

Resident of Ohio


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